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This is Eoghan’s website. Eoghan is a clichéd designer type that drinks coffee, collects books, and hoards CDs. Essentially, he holds a whole ocean of notions.


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Defuse 2019: Perverted by Language.

A video of me speaking at Defuse in 2019. I talk about language, metaphors, and make bad puns

Design Values: How I learned to start worrying and love the (defused) bomb.

In 2017, I narrowly avoided being part of the worst data catastrophes in human history. The Equifax scandal. Here is that story and some other musings.

Earnest. Scared. Stupid. By F*c*book.

I believe Facebook is cancerous and it is time to consider cutting it out of your life. Here is an emotional appeal.

Remote control. Maintain your headspace at work in the age of Zoom.

Finding Zoom too much? Struggling to maintain your headspace? These tactics might be useful for taking control of the remote world we are in.

Backup & Transfer #OldWork

Backup & Transfer is relatively straight forward white label app used for backing up your phone and transferring data between phones.

Don’t make me (not) think. Designing responsibly.

Don’t make me think is a design classic. It’s a brilliant primer to understanding how others think, but there are times when people should be made to think.

Data Lists made visual. #OldWork.

Motion graphics this week as part of the series on Old Work. This is part of series of explainer videos. It’s all about creating data lists.