About Eoghan Hickey

Hello and welcome to the about page full of information about Eoghan Hickey. Fill your boots and learn about Eoghan’s job history over on LinkedIn, see what he’s currently reading on OKU, or marvel at the fact that he still buys CDs and catalogues them on Discogs. Eoghan doesn’t really do Social media anymore after kicking his Twitter habit a while back so this website is probably it for him.

A photo of Eoghan Hickey’s smirking face taken in 2020.

This is the website for the Eoghan Hickey who works on the computer designing things for people to use. If you’re searching for rugby player Eoghan Hickey, you may be a bit disappointed.

Here is a picture of this Eoghan taken in 2020. He is even greyer and more tired today. Thanks to Louise Clifford for taking the pic

Eoghan’s work and career

Right now, Eoghan is happily employed @CYGNVS. CYGNVS is a small startup with an office on Thomas Street in Dublin 8. Previously, he had a very happy time @Workday as a product designer. Before this he did some time designing enterprise software @Synchronoss. Eoghan began his career as a front end developer with the agency @Graphic_Mint where he was exposed to the wonderful world of UX. Eoghan enjoyed developing websites, but the lure of interaction design was too great a force. It turns out that humans are more interesting to him than technology.

Disclaimer for things you read from Eoghan Hickey

Views expressed on this website belong to Eoghan alone. Clearly, they do not reflect his employer, or anyone else’s position except for the third person narrator who Eoghan employed to write this blurb for him. This is in part because, I am him and he is me, or a version of me that I use to talk about myself. Irish catholic guilt and all that. Can’t be seen to have notions.