About Eoghan

A failed minimalist, Eoghan’s embraced his magpie nature and determined, for better or worse, to share his ideas and thoughts on this website.


Eoghan is happily employed @Workday as a product designer. Previous exposure to the unique opportunities available in designing enterprise software came from time at @Synchronoss. Early, he worked freelance, and began his career with the agency @Graphic_Mint. It was there that he built websites and was certain to become an almighty front end developer.

The lure of interaction design is sadly too great. Humans are more interesting than technology, even when technology problems are fun. This great information is on the LinkedIn that Eoghan does not update. The lazy prick.

Views expressed on this website belong to Eoghan alone. Clearly, they do not reflect his employer, or anyone else’s position except for the third person narrator who Eoghan employed to write this blurb. This is in part because, I am him and he is me.

If you’re looking for the former professional rugby union player who played for seven professional clubs throughout four countries you may be disappointed. This website has nothing to do with him. Instead, this concerns one of the other Eoghan Hickey’s that makes things on the computer.