Defuse 2019: Perverted by Language.

I spoke at last year’s Defuse. Defuse is an annual design event where 12 speakers have five minutes each to present on a topic. Speakers have no control over your slides which progress every 15 seconds for 5 minutes.

Talk themes

In this talk I wander around the meaning of words, my difficulty with understanding, and banged the old drum against designers love of icons over words. I’m saddened to report in 2020 that interfaces are still loaded with hieroglyphics nobody can understand.

Public speaking

I am not a good public speaker. I love a metaphor and aim to be unambiguous but I often lack clarity when it comes to delivery. This is why I prefer to write things down. I hate writing, but i think it is a necessary evil for destroying the uncertainty. With verbal communication you have to rely on everyone’s interpretation of what was said being aligned.

Clearly nervous man talking to a full Sugar club

Big thanks to the Laura Nolan for making me practice. This would have been a train wreck otherwise.