Earnest. Scared. Stupid. By F*c*book.

I believe Facebook is cancerous and it is time to consider cutting it out of your life. Obviously, a lecture won’t convince you of this. I would love if Facebook transformed into something that became a benefit to society but that is wishful thinking.

Social Smoking.

Facebook behaves with a lack of accountability as a company that recalls the tobacco companies. For years they denied culpability and lobbied to suppress the harmful effects that smoking had on peoples health. Using Facebook is a bit like being a social smoker. It harms you, and others around you as well as putting a strain on society. The second hand effects count. I think people are getting a bad deal, and we should talk about it.

But smoking is cool?

Cigarettes are great. The best people have had the best conversations outside bars and pubs. All thanks to the magic of cigarettes. No-one needs to be told smoking is bad for them. Listing health risks is not an effective strategy. Neither is rising the prices. Removing the branding on the boxes and packaging actually works and makes them taste worse.

Losing my cool.

Coming from a family that doesn’t traditionally have a long shelf life, and has had quite a lot of cancer, I realised that I was at risk of dying younger than I would prefer if I carried on smoking. Therefore, I substituted delicious cigarettes for a phallic little robot vape that delivers nicotine and makes me look like a pal of Nathan Barley. This is still a crutch, so I understand moving away from things is hard, but honestly ask yourself.

Why are you using Facebook?

What do you get from Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram? Is it worth the cost? I’ve listed below a few reasons to consider leaving these platforms. I mean, personally I draw the line at facilitating and supporting genocide.


You could look at their Wikipedia page and draw your own conclusions from the criticisms and controversies section.

But what if…

Facebook won’t be convinced to change, but I believe that you can be. Not by me, but by questioning what you value for yourself and the people you love. I get there are valid reasons to use Facebook. It can be a vital connection to friends and family, and shops need to sell things and all of their customers exist there.

I am a hypocrite in lots of ways. Leaving Facebook wasn’t especially hard for me. As someone who never got into Instagram, and long ago deactivated their Facebook account, it was just WhatsApp left to contend with. I believe that these platforms shouldn’t own you, and you should protect yourself and your family and friends by getting away from these platforms.

If nothing else, I hope this post will help to remove some of the shiny packaging and leave a little more of a bad taste in your mouth.