Hello to the very first post

This is the first post, so it will be brief, and probably not super interesting. In the interest of actually shipping this site, I’ve used the vanilla WordPress theme (Twenty Seventeen at the time of writing) as a motivational tool. It is not the prettiest thing, but it is functional, and form follows function (right?).

I have previously invested weeks of time in designing and developing my very own personal websites only to shelve them due likely to a general fear of shipping, or of feeling it was not good enough to go out. So, in order to to get this off the ground, I’m gonna be designing in public like Jeffrey Zeldman. Let’s do content first for a change.

Website Goals

The goals for this site are relatively modest, and likely to change over time, but for now I want the site to serve:

  • As a place to track my own professional development by sharing some work and contributing some ideas
  • As a way to improve my rusty old writing skills by actually writing and publishing my thoughts

This website is likely never going to act as a portfolio (at least that is not one of my initial goals). My aim is to track my progress, and compete against my past self. By this I intend to get a clearer picture of my progress over time. By reflecting on my past output, I hope to gain some understanding of where I can improve in the future. Essentially, I want to keep myself in check, and learn from my mistakes.

You can read a little more about me here if you like on this about page.