Homemade Nicolas Jaar video #OldWork.

I’ve decided to post my old work. In part for this is for reflection. It also serves to give these things a home. I figure I can post these each week for posterity if nothing else. Hopefully this doesn’t get too embarrassing. First up is this homemade Nicolas Jaar video.

Generalist Heart.

Once upon a time, I was able to edit videos. I have never been a good photographer, but editing is something I was ok at. Here is a video that I put together for a college assignment. It’s set to the music of Nicolas Jaar. My brother can be heard at the start asking what is wrong with you?

This came about as I excitedly showed him the four corners edition of Dracula I was reading. In it Van Helsings parts are in Akzidenz Grotesk. This is an antecedent to the famous Helvetica. I think it is a nice design consideration. Akzidenz Grotesk was released the year before Dracula was published. He wasn’t impressed. I think the full sentence is: What is wrong with you, it’s just text? This made me laugh, so I kept it.

The song is called don’t break my love. It was originally released as an aluminium cube called The Prism.

Putting it together.

Recorded on an ipod touch while commuting, I can place myself as working in Graphic Mint at the time due to the footage of Harcourt Street. The video has movement but little else. I am not a good photographer by any stretch. So, I relied on editing to make it interesting. Putting it in black and white worked as a stylistic thing, and also served to hide the crappy resolution better.

I cobbled this video together in a day before it was due. It is overlong, and you can almost see where I run out of ideas/footage. I think there was a length imposed for the assignment that I needed to meet, but there is no way I will go and reedit this. It exists with flaws. Like everything.

Listen to more of Nicolas Jaar. His third album of 2020 is out now. Also, there is an arty site that you can play with too: WWW.TELAS.PARTS

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