Hello and welcome. My name is Eoghan and I don’t like to write bios. I have a rarely updated LinkedIn profile, and a Twitter account that is slightly more active.

What I do

I am an interaction designer based in Ireland. This is the Cooper approved term that makes the most sense to me as a description. I’m currently employed as a User Experience Designer at Synchronoss Technologies–UX Designer is what the cool kids call an interaction designer.

I started my career as an intern at Graphic Mint in 2012. Here I was introduced to the fascinating world of UX and interaction design (after an brief flirtation of front end web design). Ever since, I have been working towards understanding people and their motivations towards why they do the things they do.

Eoghan is an Irish name that is pronounced the same way as Owen, or Eoin, and, rather devastatingly, translates to Eugene in English. Nothing wrong with being a Gene I guess. Levy, Hackman, and Wilder are all great. But still… Eugene is hardly the coolest name unless I have primed you by mentioning cool Eugene’s.