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Eoghan’s a failed minimalist who tried lots of different jobs in tech before finding his feet in interaction design


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Results of experiments on the combination of manganese and copper (specimen)

Design with your engineers for a better product, a happier team, and stronger results💫

Let’s take a small step on the path to inclusion. It’s time to let go of our egos, include engineers in design, and make better products

ethnic woman looking at fish in aquarium

Goldfish software. You’ve asked me this before

Thoughts on the collective amnesia of the products and services that we use, and some simple ways that we can fix goldfish software

man sculpture in deep thought and contemplation

Don’t make me (not) think. Responsible design

Don’t make me think is a design classic. It’s a brilliant primer to understanding how others think, but there are times when people should be made to think.

black samsung remote control on white paper

Remote control. Maintain your headspace at work in the age of Zoom.

Finding Zoom too much? Struggling to maintain your headspace? These tactics might be useful for taking control of the remote world we are in.

Backup & Transfer

Backup & Transfer is relatively straight forward white label app used for backing up your phone and transferring data between phones.

black and silver hard disk drive

Data Lists made visual

Motion graphics this week as part of the series on Old Work. This is part of series of explainer videos. It’s all about creating data lists.

Photo of Nicolas Jaar in a t-shirt looking cool

Nicolas Jaar video journeys

Nicolas Jaar video made when I was a student way back when the Institute of Technology Blanchardstown was called ITB and not TUD